Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Kids year round up



  • Still puts everything into her mouth
  • Things learned this year: walk, run, jump, eat with a spoon,
  • Favorite toy: musical keys
  • Favorite activity: eating
  • Favorite animal: cat
  • Favorite book: find a kitten
  • Favorite words: tata, dej (give me), dolu (put me down), hopa (lift me up)
  • Favorite food: any
  • Favorite tv program: still doesn't want to watch tv
  • Favorite songs: kolo kolo mlýnské, row row your boat
  • Thing is good at: smiling, talking


  • Still whines a little
  • Things learned this year: go to toilet, put Pyjama pants on, put shoes on, get own snack from the fridge
  • Favorite toy: auto
  • Favorite activity: playing with water, playing with autos, preferably playing with autos and water
  • Favorite animal: auto
  • Favorite book: Winnie the Pooh, grufallo, digger to the rescue
  • Favorite words: kaput, mama, oh no
  • Favorite food: pasta
  • Favorite Tv program: krtek, Caillou
  • Favorite songs: jingle bells, down at the station, wheels on the bus
  • Thing is good at: climbing, jumping, putting cars in a row






Monday, 30 December 2013

Cardboard piercing


  • Materials: piece of cardboard, pencil, marker pens




  • Kubi was randomly making holes into cardboard at first, but soon he started following the lines and trying to hit the spot I made with a marker pen. We done lots of different patterns but the cars were far more favorite


  • Focused face




  • And this how it looked in the end of the session






Sunday, 29 December 2013

This week...(52/2013)

  • Another rainy week has started



  • We had a smashing candlelight Christmas Eve dinner




  • We unwrapped our Christmas presents


  • Kubi enjoyed feel of moose skin



  • We had a nice stroll on only sunny day in weeks


  • We sorted out our recycling craft supplies


  • And Bee read yet another book upside down






Saturday, 28 December 2013

Fluffy snow play and a sticky wall

  • No chance of snow up here so we created our own snow with fluffy cotton balls



  • The kids were quiet excited to see a new material they can explore

  • Didn't take long and cars were on their way




  • There was a snow fight and throwing snow about and snow hats...
  • We had a great morning and very busy afternoon trying to get all the fluff out of the carpet, nothing a good brush wouldn't fix.




Friday, 27 December 2013

Giant snowy tree and a sparkly variation of a puffy paint

  • We used Puffy paint recipe from Happy Hooligans 3 ingredient puffy paint and added silver glitter instead of food coloring.




  • I drew the outlines of the tree on the big sheet of wraping paper and handed green paint over to the kids.




  • We exchanged places and carried on painting



  • We added some green paint and carried on painting




  • Next step making a white sparkly puffy paint. Kids put all the ingredients together (2tbs self raising flour, 2tbs salt, silver glitter ) and mixed them in their cups. We transferred it into a zip up plastic bags to keep the mess to minimum and added water.



  • I cut out corner of the zip up bag and we squeezed the mixture onto the trees and spread it out with brushes and of course hands




  • While the kids took care of washing up I heated up the oven




  • Oven time 15min, our sparkly paint raised only slightly but this might be a result of leaving the kids to mix the paint on their own


Before oven and after oven


  • Scissors to cut the tree out and a bit of blue tag to attach it all onto the wall and we ready to rock...






Sunday, 22 December 2013

This week...(2013/51)

  • We got our Christmas tree


  • I enjoyed my sleep in at the weekend



  • We baked some more Christmas cookies



  • Kubi practiced his domestic skills


  • and build his giant puzzle daily




  • Whilst Jens got through yet another pile of ironing





Saturday, 21 December 2013

Unbreakable Washi tape Christmas tree ornament


  • Materials: milk jug cut into flat square pieces, Washi tape, scissors, hole punch


Washi tape Christmas tree ornaments


  • Kubi was tangling up the tape and pulling very loooong pieces off. We cut together for a while but sticking the tape was what he really wanted. I had to work quick to keep his demands.


  • Later that day i cut out the circles and made punch holes for the ribbon to go through.


  • Tree decorated...we ready for presents now


Kubi 2.5 years